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About Kraftizan

About Kraftizan

What started as a small scale industry to provide employment opportunities and uplift the society has now fully bloomed into a high-end brand. We present Kraftizan!

Kraftizan is a brand that believes in people, it believes in the power of good. Unfortunately, Morocco is a developing country, but it has a rich culture, with extremely talented people. It took a long time to come up with a beautiful idea to put our country on a road to success, and that is where this brand comes in.

Kraftizan is a brand that utilizes artistic and capable people and aids them in their crafts, boosts their trade, and promotes their items on a global level. Not only is Kraftizan creating ample employment opportunities, but it also provides for the downtrodden. It distributes its profits among the destitute and the rest it invests back into the business.

Kraftizan deals in handmade, one of kind products. These products are made from the finest raw materials, that are obtained purely from organic sources and put together by a team of creative maestros. We use biodegradable material and create eco-friendly items. No chemicals and no pollution-causing machinery is used at any step of production.

We have divided our soon to be huge community into tiers. Our team of designers is always coming up with new innovative ideas and designs for our products. Some of the staff work with their hands, they put together all raw material and create exotic masterpieces, the finest in the world. Our team of supervisors and managers work day and night to ensure that everything is done by the book and is optimum condition. Nothing beats our quality assurance team. After production, our marketing team performs its magic and sends out our awe-inspiring products into the world. We are a close-knit community that works to the best of our abilities to serve others.

Our skillful staff fully invests themselves in their creations, so that the next piece can be even more exceptional than their last. Every single item is handmade and made with a lot of love. The effort put into our products is reflected in the details and their finishing. Our quality control department checks each and every item for flaws. After going through a thorough inspection, are our items are sent to the markets.

Our motto is to “Do good and have good”. The initiative behind this business was to help build and uplift our community. For this purpose, we use local personnel and promote their skill and crafts. We give them a channel to take their not very much profitable business ventures to the big leagues. Through our brand Kraftizan, we are aiming to reduce some of the poverty in our country by indulging in social work and providing families with funds to get by.

So far, Kraftizan has been flourishing, and we would like it to succeed even more. We have been expanding our business, bringing more people in the loop, such as partners, and craftsman. We have extended our operations to far off areas where people lack even the basic necessities. For the time being, we are working on targeting more countries in Central Africa but we aim to make Kraftizan a global movement so that developing nations like ours can do something for the greater good of people and make our world more hospitable.

We have high hopes for our brand and have complete faith that it will succeed in becoming an inspiration and a global movement that will bring a much needed positive change in commerce and industrial sectors around the world.

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